ipchains/ipmasqadm and VNC

Bo Berglund bo.berglund "at" telia.com
Thu, 09 Nov 2000 19:57:14 +0000

> 2) I don't know about VNC but applications I write with winsock usually
>    listen on a fixed port but will accept on any port number so as not to
>    block the listening port. This of course makes things worse at the

This doesn't make sense.  Do you mean sockets or ports?


What I mean is this:
A Winsock application is set up to be listening on a certain port number.
When there is a client connect to that port the server software will see this
and create a new socket which will get the connect details from the connect
attempt. Then the new socket accepts the connection and specifies to the
on which port the future communication will take place. Normally this is
automagically by the TCP/IP stack through the Winsock layer and the resulting
port number can be any free port. The server continues listening on the
port number which is not carrying any communication data so another client
issue a connect call and also be served (if the server software is designed to
more than one client) on still a new port.
I guess that we would not like port 80 to be closed for further connects as
soon as
there is a www browser being served...
But it gets served up on another port so port 80 is still listening for new

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