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> Tridia Viewer
> From: Steve Bostedor (steveb "at"
> Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 15:36:47 EST 
> What's up with the Tridia viewer? I can't cancel out of a connection when 
> prompted with a password box. They threw in an infinate loop where if you 
> press cancel or enter an incorrect password, it automaticly closes the 
> password box, then reopens it. I've held the escape key down for a whole 
> minute once and it keept looping until I ended the task. Who's bright idea 
> was that? 

I take it that:
    - You are using the win32 viewer
    - You are using a configuration file that is avoiding
      the connection info window

The TridiaVNC viewer loops to allow you to reenter the password
if you mistype it.  We have positive feedback from users that
this is a useful enhancement.  If no configuration file is used,
the connection options dialog is part of the loop and the
"Cancel" button there can be used to quit the application (or
you can choose different options for a new session).

Obviously, the fact that the "Cancel" button on the password
dialog does not quit the application or bring up the connection
options dialog when a configuration file has been specified is a
bug.  We will address this in a future release.

I can take personal responsibility for this "bright idea".  I
implemented the loop and missed the problem with configuration
files.  Overall, I still think the user should get a second
chance on typing the password and we will fix the "Cancel"

Thanks for your feedback and for using TridiaVNC!

> Steve Bostedor 

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