List archives (was Bug in VNC with NumLock key)

Aideen McConville amcc "at"
Thu, 09 Nov 2000 12:53:59 +0000

Mickey Ferguson writes:
 > I simply can't handle the amount of traffic this mailing list generates.  Is
 > there a Usenet-style newsgroup I can read that contains all of the postings
 > so I can control when I read the list and make it a lot easier to go
 > through?  I'm just about ready to unsubscribe from the list, but would still
 > like to find out about resolution to my problem report.

Sorry - we don't currently have any plans to provide a public
usenet style newsgroup. However all the messages are archived (and
searchable) on our website. The archived messages are updated every 15
mins and the search index weekly.

See for links to:

Alternatively, you could filter list messages to a separate mail
folder and only read that folder as required.

If you have an in-house news server your admin might be willing to 
gateway vnc-list messages to a local newsgroup for you.

-- Aideen (list-admin)
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