Backspace when i hit 5 key.

Justin Hamilton JHamilton "at" Earthling.Net
Thu, 09 Nov 2000 03:20:09 +0000

Not sure how relevant this is, but the xmodmap for VNC is completely
different to a regular X-Server.  If you use xmodmap to display the mapping
for the xVNC server, then run the same command against a running X-Server
(XF86) you will see the xVNC keycodes are ordered ABCDEFG etc where the
X-Server keycodes are based more on keyboard layout.

Sorry I don't have specifics in front of me right now, it was a while back
when I discovered this.


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I have seen that too - on my Redhat Linux 6.2. Actually I found a
systemwide xmodmap file that really defines key 22 to be backspace and not
5. Commenting that line out in that file, everything works fine.

Thus, I am not sure whether that is an Xvnc or Redhat config issue. Though
it is true that setxkbmap did not work in the Xvnc session for some reason
I do not know (it gave some error saying something like that "extension
does not exist", or whatever). Maybe Redhat relies on xsetkbmap which
however does not work under Xvnc?

Denes Molnar
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