Windows 2000 and VNC at initial boot saying doesn't have a password... FSkrotzki "at"
Wed, 08 Nov 2000 22:32:05 +0000

We are moving to windows 2000 and are starting roll out next week.  We've 
used vnc with NT 4.0 without any problems but now have one.

Installed vnc on a 2000 server, did the registry, then installed the 
winvnc service, then run the winvnc app mode and when prompted for 
password we've defined one.

Logout/login no problems...

Re-boot the system and try and connect without first logging into the 
system and we get a prompt that there is no password defined yet?  but if 
I go and physicaly login to the system then from that point on it works 

It looks like the program is attempting to read a part of the system 
registry that doesn't exist when it's run until a user has logged in.

Any ideas, patches, etc...
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