Bug in VNC with NumLock key

Mickey Ferguson MFerguson "at" peinc.com
Wed, 08 Nov 2000 17:06:27 +0000

In a previous message, I wrote:

>I'm running WinVNC Version 3.3.3 R 7 on NT 4.0 with Service Pack 6 on
>both server and client.  When I connect from to server, the NumLock
>indicator (and functionality) gets turned off.  Worse yet, it doesn't
>even get turned back on when I disconnect.

>Ideally I think the server's NumLock state should be set based on the
>client's, and then when the connection is broken the state is

I don't know what the normal turnaround time is for feedback on bug reports,
and I realize that I can't necessarily expect great support because this is
freeware.  But I can't believe I haven't even seen a single response to this
report, yet I see discussions about other problems almost immediately after
the original problem report.  Do others see this symptom?  Is it a known
problem that is never going to be solved?  Known and a fix is in the works?

I simply can't handle the amount of traffic this mailing list generates.  Is
there a Usenet-style newsgroup I can read that contains all of the postings
so I can control when I read the list and make it a lot easier to go
through?  I'm just about ready to unsubscribe from the list, but would still
like to find out about resolution to my problem report.
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