Windows Whistler including remote desktop (was RE: fastest winvnc ?)

ROTTENBERG,HAL (HP-USA,ex1) hal_rottenberg "at"
Wed, 08 Nov 2000 14:31:23 +0000

Sort of on topic, Windows Whistler, now in beta, is going to include
Terminal Server and remote desktop client and server in all versions, even
the home-user version.  Of course it won't be multiplatform like VNC.  But
maybe this will open the way for those published API's you want.

> Well, not quite.  If Microsoft publish the Terminal Server 
> API, then it'd be
> easy to write a VNC add-on.  For normal Windows NT machines, a hooking
> graphics driver would be fine but that involves learning to 
> write graphics
> drivers and learning to write hook drivers, neither of which 
> I have time to
> do.
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