VNC/mac and Stuffit 5.1 (again)

Jonathan Morton chromatix "at"
Wed, 08 Nov 2000 06:08:19 +0000

>I am downloading current versions from the ATT site (v.3.3.3.b2) and your
>site (3.3.2.b2.3 and 3.3.2.b2.2).
>Even though stuffit expander 3.5.2 supports gzip, you chose version 5.1.
>Aladdin, et al, only distribute version 5.5 or version 6 of their engine,
>which now requires OS 8.1.  My machine runs  MacOS 7.6.2, so it passes the
>VNC requirement of 7.5.3 (OT 1.1.1).
>Please downgrade the wrappers for us early-1997-era folks.
>It is possible to chose older, more compatible compression
>methods/filetype-creators using the newer program.

Hmmm, now i gotta try and find an ancient version of StuffIt to pack things
up with.  Does StuffIt Lite 3.6 contain it's own compression engine or does
it use the one installed by later versions of Stuffit Expander / DropStuff?

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