How to change VNC Applet's width and height

Simon Biber simon "at"
Mon, 06 Nov 2000 17:18:45 +0000

> While you can't change the resolution to 400x300 (such a resolution can't
> done) you can get it to change to 640x480 while connected.  It will then
> revert back to its previous resolution when you disconnect.  640x480
> be good enough for what you want.

Yes it can. The normal "Display" control panel doesn't list 400x300 but it
is a valid mode. I run 1st QuickRes (Green Parrots Software, and it allows changing to resolutions of
320x200, 320x240, 320x400, 360x400, 400x300, 512x384 as well as all the
usual ones.

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