VNC/mac and Stuffit 5.1 (again)

Jonathan Morton chromatix "at"
Mon, 06 Nov 2000 04:06:56 +0000

>>  >I do not have another Mac that can expand it.  I was hoping that you might
>>>be ever so kind as to do that for me.
>>Question: which version are you downloading?  The newest versions are
>>available from the URL in my signature, although these are also compressed
>>with very recent StuffIt versions.  I wasn't aware that StuffIt wasn't
>>compatible with older System versions...
>   Well, that's the story ;)
>   If you compress a file using StuffIt 5.5, you will not be able to
>decompress the file using StuffIt Expander version 4.0  :)

Hey, I knew that much - I just hadn't heard of the restricted compatibility
with StuffIt 5.x...

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