vncserver only with running X?

Patrick Bion vidocq "at"
Sat, 04 Nov 2000 18:12:28 +0000


i am running typing "vncserver :1 -name computername -ac -depth 24
-geometry 800x600" on the linux_PC so i want to view with the VNCviewer
from a WindowPC. 
So the problem i have is that then the Xwindows runs directly
on the LinuxPC as soon as typed the line above. 

The result is for the moment, if I want to see the LinuxPC on my WindowsPC
I must start via telnet as user a startx before and than type another line
for the VNCserver. Isn't it possible to run vncserver only without having an X
running already on the LinuxPCscreen?

Also the log and pid are not remove from the users /home, how can I make
this possible, after VNC went down and does it exist another way to stop
vncserver than "vncserver -kill :<displaynumber>?

Thanks for Help, please if you see my questions are silly excuse me but
those troubles are real for and i found no solution in the VNC FAQ so far.   

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