fastest winvnc?

Dan Bethe dan_bethe "at"
Sat, 04 Nov 2000 04:04:12 +0000

> optimisations.  There are sections of the WinVNC code which could be
> optimised further but the primary cause of CPU usage in the server is
> the
> scanning code used to detect display changes.
> I've been tinkering with an attempt at using DDI hooks under Win9x
> platforms
> to at least reduce the CPU usage when using WinVNC from those but the
> API to
> those is pretty broken, so don't expect results any time soon...

	So are you basically saying that Windows is such junk that it's really
hard to make a full-performance open source VNC server for it,
regardless of the compiler?  I can understand that.
	I thank everyone for their work on such things that make the
sysadmin's job much easier.  Open source software is so good at
wrapping up proprietary nuggets of crap such as Windows.

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