running gnome and apps on Xvnc at 16 bpp

Const Kaplinsky const "at"
Fri, 03 Nov 2000 22:37:28 +0000

>>>>> "VH" == Vlad Harchev <hvv "at"> writes:

    >> === cut ===
    >> # This speeds up rendering considerably, but may not work on
    >> # your hardware due to it bypassing a few layers and
    >> # byte-twiddling the rendered image data manually, and due to
    >> # endianess, bit-ordering or RGB ordering it may screw up and
    >> # not work, so try it.. if things work great!, if not, wait
    >> # until a renderer for your situation is written, or write one
    >> # yourself and donate it. It's easy to do, just look at rend.c
    >> FastRender off
    >> === cut ===
    >> I think it's very likely that this setting is the actual reason
    >> for Gnome problems you have described. Could you please check
    >> it in your installation?

    VH> No, it doesn't matter. All component's widths and masks are
    VH> hardcoded into Imlib's code and logic - see Imlib/rend.c For
    VH> example, the piece of code:

    VH> void render_15_fast_dither(ImlibData * id, ImlibImage * im,

I see "fast" as a part of the function name. Does not it mean that
it's called only when FastRender is on in the config file? Have you
looked at your imlib config?

    >> * gv, kghostview (GhostScript interpreter fails to render
    >>   documents);

    VH>  Hmm, I didn't expect this from gv.

Probably it's not gv problem, it's ghostscript issue.

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