running gnome and apps on Xvnc at 16 bpp

Vlad Harchev hvv "at"
Fri, 03 Nov 2000 17:06:11 +0000

On 3 Nov 2000, Const Kaplinsky wrote:

> >>>>> "VH" == Vlad Harchev <hvv "at"> writes:
>     >> Vlad, is the order of color components also matters for Gnome
>     >> apps? I mean would they display images correctly if the pixel
>     >> format is BGR565 or they need exactly RGB565?
>     VH> Yes, it matters too. They should be the same as XFree server
>     VH> uses (use xdpyinfo to find out which ones). Please also change
>     VH> defaults for 24bit mode and 15Bit mode too for completness
>     VH> (someone might use these modes too) to match XFree's orders.
> I've prepared a patch which changes both the default order of color
> components and the rules used to set bit widths for these components.
> For 16-bit color depth, default format is made RGB565, for 24-bit
> colors it's RGB888. General rule is the following: the order is always
> RGB (but see below about 8bpp), the highest priority color component
> is now green, then blue, then red. This means that when (depth/3) is
> not an integral number, green component will occupy more bits than red
> one. This rule is most correct since our eyes are most sensitive to
> green and least sensitive to red. Besides Gnome problems, this is one
> more reason to apply this change to Xvnc.

 So will the widths and masks match the ones in XFree?
> But I've made one exception for components order: for the 8bpp mode
> default format has not been changed and is still BGR233. Just to
> prevent extra conversions in 8bpp mode. By the way, I wonder do Gnome
> programs even run on 8bpp true-color visual? I have no Gnome, but some
> of my programs certainly do not like 8bpp truecolor.

  You can run any program that is linked with imlib-1.x (the problem is with
it, not with anything else) to see the problem. If you have enlightenment or
gqview (not sure), you will be able to see that. 
  I don't remember any problems running gnome apps on 8bpp Truecolor visual.
As for programs not liking 8bpp truecolor - I guess they are Xaw apps or

> Finally, here is the patch:

 Thank you for the patch.
> -- 
> With Best Wishes,
> Constantin

 Best regards,
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