connection issue win98, now win2000 also

David McDowell dmcdowell "at"
Fri, 03 Nov 2000 16:30:21 +0000

Thanks for the tip, but, that was also unsuccessful.  Turns out I had
3.3.3r2, she had 3.3.3r7, but even after updating, no luck via viewer or
web.  I cannot connect to her from work, or from home, when it used to be an
effortless task from either location.  I have not changed any of my system
configuration and she never changed hers on Win98, now with a fresh win2000,
still no go.  Again, something strange that coincides with this is, she
suddenly cannot FTP to my home machine, but can FTP anywhere else she likes.
I would normally trim this message, but I wanted to make sure people reading
this post would understand where it's coming from.  So, at this point, she
can still come to me and I cannot get to her as I used to.


David McDowell
dmcdowell "at"

ps, I'm on AIM at trnpike420 if you happen to want to try me.  If I'm at my
desk, I'll surely respond!  thanks.

> Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2000 12:21:32 -0600
> From: Jamin Collins <JaminC "at">
> Subject: RE: connection issue win98, now win2000 also
> First, IIRC, VNC uses ports 59xx and 58xx where xx is the number of the
> display.  For windows clients, this would be 00.  The 5900 port would be
> used by the VNCViewer application to connect.  The 5800 port is for the
> viewer application.  You might want to try pointing a browser at her ip
> port 5800 specified on it (i.e. w.x.y.z:5800 where w.x.y.z is her IP
> number).
> As for whether they could be blocking the ports, yea they could be.  I
> see anything on their site that indicates they are against customer's
> hosting services (web, ftp, etc..) but this does not mean they are not
> blocking the ports.
> I am in NC and a friend is in OH.  I have been helping her learn more
> the computer using VNC (thanks guys!).  She was originally on Win98 and we
> connected a couple times a week with no problem.  We are both on Time
> cable.  One day, she contacted me, unable to connect to my FTP server.
> I got home from work, ready to connect to her with VNC, suddenly I was
> getting 'Failed to connect to server.' messages.  We can ping each other
> with no problems.  We checked her configuration and nothing had changed
> default, besides the password.  Now, just last night over the phone, I
> helped her format her machine and install Win2000 Prof.  One of the first
> things we tried was downloading the latest VNC to see if I could connect.
> No go.  Yet, she is able to connect to me, where I've also nothing changed
> from default besides the password.  What baffles me is that FTP (port 21)
> and VNC (port 0) both quit at the same time.  She now has a fresh
> installation and a new operating system and the errors are exactly the
> Could Time Warner be blocking those 2 ports, not allowing me to VNC in and
> not allowing her to FTP to me?  She can FTP to others, but no longer to
> I have not blocked her IP, as she can still VNC to me.
> David McDowell
> dmcdowell "at"
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