running gnome and apps on Xvnc at 16 bpp

Vlad Harchev hvv "at"
Fri, 03 Nov 2000 07:48:52 +0000

On 3 Nov 2000, Const Kaplinsky wrote:

 Hi Constantin, Hi *vnc*,

> >>>>> "VH" == Vlad Harchev <hvv "at"> writes:
>     VH> Hi, Just solved myself problem of running gnome apps on Xvnc
>     VH> at 16bpp by looking at imlib-1.9.8 sources (solution is to run
>     VH> vncserver with pixel format rgb555 or gb565).
> Vlad, is the order of color components also matters for Gnome apps? I
> mean would they display images correctly if the pixel format is BGR565
> or they need exactly RGB565?

 Yes, it matters too. They should be the same as XFree server uses (use
xdpyinfo to find out which ones).
 Please also change defaults for 24bit mode and 15Bit mode too for
completness (someone might use these modes too) to match XFree's orders.

> I've prepared a change for the Xvnc source to address this problem and
> I wonder is it necessary to swap the order of color components in
> addition to changing rules used to set default widths for each
> component.

 Yes, it's necessary too.

> -- 
> With Best Wishes,
> Constantin

 Best regards,
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