connection issue win98, now win2000 also

Jamin Collins JaminC "at"
Thu, 02 Nov 2000 18:16:08 +0000

First, IIRC, VNC uses ports 59xx and 58xx where xx is the number of the
display.  For windows clients, this would be 00.  The 5900 port would be
used by the VNCViewer application to connect.  The 5800 port is for the java
viewer application.  You might want to try pointing a browser at her ip with
port 5800 specified on it (i.e. w.x.y.z:5800 where w.x.y.z is her IP

As for whether they could be blocking the ports, yea they could be.  I don't
see anything on their site that indicates they are against customer's
hosting services (web, ftp, etc..) but this does not mean they are not
blocking the ports.

Jamin W. Collins

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Subject: connection issue win98, now win2000 also

I am in NC and a friend is in OH.  I have been helping her learn more about
the computer using VNC (thanks guys!).  She was originally on Win98 and we
connected a couple times a week with no problem.  We are both on Time Warner
cable.  One day, she contacted me, unable to connect to my FTP server.  When
I got home from work, ready to connect to her with VNC, suddenly I was
getting 'Failed to connect to server.' messages.  We can ping each other
with no problems.  We checked her configuration and nothing had changed from
default, besides the password.  Now, just last night over the phone, I
helped her format her machine and install Win2000 Prof.  One of the first
things we tried was downloading the latest VNC to see if I could connect.
No go.  Yet, she is able to connect to me, where I've also nothing changed
from default besides the password.  What baffles me is that FTP (port 21)
and VNC (port 0) both quit at the same time.  She now has a fresh
installation and a new operating system and the errors are exactly the same.
Could Time Warner be blocking those 2 ports, not allowing me to VNC in and
not allowing her to FTP to me?  She can FTP to others, but no longer to me.
I have not blocked her IP, as she can still VNC to me.  This mixed up
situation has me confused.  I decided to join the list to see if you guys
would have any suggestions for me.  I also use VNC inside the office for the
servers and wanted to see about a solution to my home problem in case it
ever happened in the office.  Thanks in advance!!

David McDowell
dmcdowell "at"
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