Portus/T-Rex Firewall and VNC

Dub Dublin dub "at" infowave.com
Thu, 02 Nov 2000 17:27:48 +0000

FYI to the group:

On a related topic to the Raptor and VNC thread, I asked Jim Livermore (author
of the Portus and T-Rex firewalls) about VNC since I plan to use them for some
upcoming work.  Here was his response:

(Oh, and just out of curiosity, are any of the major VNC distros considering
including Socks support in thier code, or will this always be a patch?)

Jim Livermore wrote:

Getting VNC to work through PORTUS and T.Rex is trivial.   In fact there
are several ways one can make it work through our firewall.

1.  Socks can be used to provide transparent access to any VNC server  on
the other side of the firewall.  If Portus or T.Rex is at the remote
location Aproxy can provide transparent access to the remote VNC sever
behind the firewall.

2. Use aproxy at both firewall locations.  Simply code a permit statemetn
for the port numbers you want to use.

There is a patch available that socksifies the VNC client, making option
number one the easiest to use.
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