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Dries Feys dries "at"
Thu, 02 Nov 2000 13:03:45 +0000

We develop several client-server applications on a Progress Database.  On 
the local lan, we can use them as a good C/S app, but for people with 
laptops on the road, this is a problem... The quantity of data beeing sent 
is far beyond the possibilities of the bandwith. (56k modem connection 
through VPN)

Therefore we'd like to use a kind of Terminal server, which does only send 
the screen contents to the user.  When we should use X Windows on AIX, we 
are able to use VNC.  BUT.. We prefer to use Windows NT, as we don't have 
any applications running on X for the moment, and we'd like to keep this 
that way.

Is there a port of VNC to use it like a terminal server, can anybody tell 
me any experiences, or can you advise me any product (MS,...)

Thanks in advance,

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