Antwort: Problems running VNC server with 'dtwm' Lothar.Wallscheid "at"
Thu, 02 Nov 2000 13:03:36 +0000


I use vnc on various Solaris 7 boxes. I get the best result
with a blank xstartup-file and the following line to start
the Server:

vncserver -depth 8 -cc 3 -query localhost

(I have to use PseudoColor-Display due to some commercial

Best regards

> Hi --
> Does anyone out there successfully run 'dtwm' as their window manager?
> I've tried changing my 'xstartup' file so that it contains simply
>   dtwm &
> but this doesn't work -- I mean, it starts up CDE with the multiple
> workspaces, but I get a ton of errors, and none of my home session apps
> start up; I can't even click on the "Exit" button without getting an
> error pop-up:
>   The request to service this action has failed for the following reason:
>   TT_ERR_NO_MATCH  There is no running program to handle this
>   message, nor is there a static ptype to start such a program.  Check
>   whether the applicationn needs to install ptypes using (blah blah
> blah) ...
> Anyway, I've appended the 'errorlog' to the end of this message -- the
> first 6
>   Workspace Manager: Invalid key specification ...
> messages come up immediately upon starting the VNC server, but the rest
> of the error messages don't come up until I open a VNC viewer, and start
> up a terminal session using the CDE buttons.
> Is there some sort of environment that I have to set up first?  Or is
> 'dtwm' just incompatible with VNC?  By the way, this is on a Sun
> UltraSPARC-60 running Solaris 8 system, so I think it's CDE 1.3 ...
> Failing getting 'dtwm' to work, are there other window managers out
> there that provide multiple workspaces?
> Thanks.
> -Phil
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