Can one use Xvnc from xdm _and_ ensure only the user who logged in has access?

Philip Andrew Philip.Andrew "at"
Thu, 02 Nov 2000 12:44:03 +0000

>> Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, it is not really what I want to
>> achieve. I think the problem is that what I want requires changing the vnc
>> password of an already running session.
> No, you can't do this, to my knowledge.

What we do to produce something akin to what (I think) you're trying to 
achieve is the following:  Each user is assigned a display number, so 
they can go ahead and start their own VNC server using the 
'start_vnc_server' command (see last week's thread about this).  Then, 
when logging in on a Unix box (Solaris, anyway), you can do the 
following:  choose "Session->Failsafe" (which logs you in but only opens 
a single terminal window with no window manager), then run "vncviewer 
:<myDisp> -fullscreen", and presto!  Your VNC session is running on your 
Solaris display as if you were running it directly on display :0 !  (but 
of course with the added feature that you can "log out" of your session, 
but keep it running, access it from home, etc).


>> Or else, I
>> would have to let the users go past the login screen and create the vnc
>> session only after that - I wish I knew how.
> That's what my Xsession_1 hack was supposed to do.  Doesn't it work?
> Tim.
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