'Unofficial' versions of VNC?

Monte Milanuk milanuk "at" yahoo.com
Thu, 02 Nov 2000 03:38:51 +0000

Hello, all.

I recall a while back crossing a site that had an 'unofficial' version of 
WinVNC, that would not allow the local user to turn off the VNC client, or to 
change the password/properties, and I think it may have even prevented the 
changed color icons during sessions, or perhaps just completely got rid of 
the icon entirely.

Normally my use of VNC is to work btwn Linux clients, but from time to time, 
I fire it up and check out the Win98 pc upstairs.  No creaking floors, etc., 
to give away that I'm checking up on what the boys and their friends are up 

Some of them are getting computer-literate enough that I'm worried that they 
might start fiddling w/ the settings on the icon, or otherwise jacking around 
w/ it.  While I can certainly go and do the various registry edits to 
accomplish the things I listed above, I was interested in finding a source 
for binaries w/ the 'hacks' already done.  The only one I found so far is a 
bit dated (May 00 or so).  

I know that the 'official' AT&T position is that this can't be done w/o 
modifying the source code.  I can understand that, since it might get ugly 
otherwise.  So I'm not asking for an 'official' answer.  And I realize that 
some people might take issue w/ my desire to monitor 'un-noticed', even on 
hardware that is mine and on accounts that I'm responsible for.  That's fine, 
too.  Keep it to yourself, though.  You see things your way, I see them mine.

If anyone 'unofficially' knows of such a version, please let me know.  

Thanks for your time,


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