Raptor 6.x Firewall and WinVNC

kjohnson@ga.unc.edu kjohnson "at" ga.unc.edu
Wed, 01 Nov 2000 19:11:36 +0000

Agreed -- one of Axents features is to make sure there are no extraneous 
services running that could present a security problem. You could try 
calling Axent for assistance but I doubt they'll be of much help.
Out of curiosity -- why aren't you admin'ing Raptor with Axents RMC. They 
have a plug-in that allows you to load the RMC on as many systems as you need.

  At 05:38 AM 11/2/2000 +1100, you wrote:
>Sorry to be unhelpful but it would seem to me that that is a problem with
>the Raptor program and not with WinVNC. You will get help here, I'm sure, if
>someone has experience with this product. I myself have never heard of it.
>My suggestion would be to look through all of the options for the firewall,
>read any help files, and if no solution is found to email the makers of that
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>Subject: Raptor 6.x Firewall and WinVNC
> > I hope someone can help me out on this one... I have search the FAQ, the
> > archives, and I can't come up with anything on "Raptor".  Any assistance
> > would be appreciated...
> > We like to use WinVNC on our internal firewalls for remote configuration
> > from internal desktops (saves trips to the data center).  I am building
> > new firewall (test stage right now) and have installed a Raptor 6.5
> > and WinVNC 3.3.3 r7.  Every time WinVNC attempts to start, Raptor says
> > an "Unauthorized service" and shuts it down.  Is there a way to get Raptor
> > to allow WinVNC to run as a service on the firewall? Or do I have to
> > VNC before Raptor?  Help!
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Ryan Allen
> >

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