WinVNC .ini file?

ROTTENBERG,HAL (HP-USA,ex1) hal_rottenberg "at"
Wed, 01 Nov 2000 13:44:28 +0000

You don't have to hand-edit the registry entries.  Since you are comparing
to INI files, the most similar way is to work with .REG files.  Run Regedit,
choose a key (doesn't matter which one, this is just an example.  Go to the
Registry menu and choose Export Registry File and save it to a known place
on your hard drive.  Open that file in Notepad.  (If you right click you
should see Edit as an option.)  Editing these .REG files is no more
complicated than an INI files, as long as you know what the settings should

So, make the changes you want by hand, export the appropriate section of the
registry to a file, then bring that file to another machine.  Unlike an INI
file that just has to be sitting in the right place on the hard drive, REG
files must be first imported into the registry.  This is pretty easy though,
just double-click on the file.  Depending on what OS you are running, you
will either get an OK box saying it was successful, or you will be prompted
with a yes/no box before the import.

Be very careful when doing these things.  For example, if you were to
accidentally export the _entire_ registry instead of just the VNC key, and
were to import that onto a different machine--it's format & reinstall OS

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> Subject: WinVNC .ini file?
> I've been looking at a number of remote control programs for Windows
> recently.  Most of them seem to use an .ini file where 
> configuration options
> are stored (like enabling user acknowledgment, setting what 
> options the
> user/controller has, etc), usually configured by a GUI frontend with
> checkboxes and the like.  WinVNC, on the other hand, uses 
> Registry entries
> for most of this stuff, which (please correct me if I'm 
> wrong) have to be
> edited by hand.  Just curious as to the rationale behind 
> using Registry
> entries, and if WinVNC will ever use an .ini file scheme.  
> Also if someone's
> developed an easier, more automated way to write/update the registry
> entries, I'd love to about hear it.
> Thanks,
> Glenn
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