Can one use Xvnc from xdm _and_ ensure only the user who logged in has access?

Denes Molnar molnard "at"
Wed, 01 Nov 2000 01:56:30 +0000


I want to have a login screen via Xvnc and after logging in I want to have
a VNC desktop that is accessible only to the user who logged in. Is there
any way to do this? I searched through the archives but found no specific

I got as far as adding Xvnc on display :1 to xdm but (after login) that
allows access to the desktop by anyone. Though the -localhost flag cuts
out remote users, local users will still have access to anyone's desktop.
I do not want to make the desktop nonshared so that the user can
connect to it from anywhere (without killing or having to kill his/her
other connections).


Denes Molnar
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