Win2000 Advanced Server Service Problems

Some Guy someguy47 "at"
Thu, 31 Aug 2000 20:18:30 +0000

Hi James,

no, VNC always starts AFTER login.  I've waited for the services to start
before login, and VNC never does.  I've waited hours.  The service is set as
a LocalSystem login service, but I have tried to get it to start with the
administrator's login too.

Thanks for any more ideas.


> Are you _sure_ it _never_ starts up after logon?  Advanced Server can take
> up to about ten minutes to start all the services.  You may find that if
> let it boot then after about five minutes WinVNC is up and running.
> Are you sure WinVNC is set to start Automatically, and is running in the
> SYSTEM account?
> The -service tag is there for a reason - it will break if you remove it!
> Something to moan at Microsoft about...
> James "Wez" Weatherall

----- Original Message -----
> > Hi group.  I have never gotten VNC to actually run on my Win2000
> > server as a service.  It will run--AFTER LOGIN, but never before.
> >
> > Investigating this, I noticed that the path is:
> > "D:\Program Files\ORL\VNC\WinVNC.exe" -service
> >
> > I was gonna try getting rid of the switch "-service", but win2000
> > let you mess with the services I guess (could not find a way to modify
> it).
> >
> > RemotelyAnywhere--which I am evaluating--has a similar path, but no
> > switch--with no problems.
> >
> > How can I get this to work?
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