Win 2000, Zone Alarm, Random Reboots and other goodies

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Thank you.  :)

I'd rather have the poster of a claim take the time to find references then
have 300 readers spend the same time seperately.  It's more efficient that

Posting a link to Wininfo or saying where it was heard is plenty good.  The
fact that no one has found it published on MS's or Maxtor's web site helps
me prioritize things. (of course, it could all come out next week on both
sites... )

Sorry if I came across as abrasive.  I've just had to quell a lot of old
wives' tales recently at work.  Sort of like the "Good Times" virus warnings
that come out every 6 months or so.  :)

Thanks again,



Zebedee is a free program to establish an encrypted, compressed "tunnel" for
TCP/IP or UDP data transfer between two systems.  It works pretty well with
VNC and comes in both Windows and Linux flavors - .

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>From wininfo, but if I always have to prove something I say I am not going
to bother warning people on this list about anything.  I have better things
to do than spend 20 minutes hunting down references.

Maxtor drives and Windows 2000 SP1: A deadly combination?
I've received numerous reports from people that Windows 2000 Service Pack 1
(SP1) and Maxtor hard drives (both SCSI and IDE, curiously) don't mix very
well, with bizarre side effects ranging from Windows reporting incorrect
drive sizes to actual data loss. I haven't been able to pin this one down as
easily as the ZoneAlarm/BlackICE issue, but I can at least tell you this: If
you use Maxtor drives and want to install SP1, make sure you at least enable
the "uninstall" option just in case.
Windows Media Player 7 and Adaptec EZ CD Creator 3.5 don't mix
And speaking of bizarre incompatibilities, here's one I've actually
experienced first hand on a system I recently built for my brother: Numerous
readers have written in with horror stories about installing WMP7 on a
Windows 2000 system, rebooting, and then being unable to get past the white
progress bar startup screen. The one common element in each case is a copy
of Adaptec EZ CD Creator 3.5 previously installed on the system. And the
news here is very, very bad: Everyone I know that's had this issue has
ultimately needed to completely wipe out Windows 2000 and reinstall: Safe
Mode, the Recovery Console, and the Setup Repair option do not work.
Adaptec/WMP7 problem not isolated to Easy CD Creator 3.5
If you've gotten any version of Adaptec Easy CD Creator to work on Windows
2000 with Windows Media Player 7, consider yourself lucky: I received
numerous emails from readers this week stating that the previously reported
problems are not isolated to Easy CD Creator 3.5. This isn't to say that
you're definitely going to have problems--it's sporadic like the SP1/Maxtor
drive issue I also mentioned last week--but many people have reported the
same problems with Easy CD 4.02 as well, for example. The key here,
apparently, is to install Easy CD Creator after WMP7: So if you've already
got it installed and want to use WMP7, uninstall the Adaptec software first,
then reinstall after WMP7 is up and running.
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