Win 2000, Zone Alarm, Random Reboots and other goodies

James ''Wez'' Weatherall jnw22 "at"
Thu, 31 Aug 2000 17:17:18 +0000

> This is one of the many known problem with sp1.  Uninstall then reinstall
> the CD-writer software and it should fix it.

Funnily enough, it didn't.  It was something to do with the SB Live! driver
and SP1 and WinOnCD all interacting - if I disabled sound then WinOnCD would
run correctly!

> After hearing some of the problems with SP1, I was very glad I hadn't had
> time to install it on my servers.  Especially the problem with data loss
> Maxtor hard drives.  Only MS would screwup with that kind of crap.

Uh oh.  I have a Mextor drive at home...  Hadn't heard about a problem...


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