Logging VNC connections

Raymond Joyal rjoyal "at" cgc.ca
Thu, 31 Aug 2000 16:04:43 +0000

How about "sloppy" instead of flaky?
The VNC log files are designed for debugging, not for easy parsing.
There's a real lack of consistency in there - especially depending
on the debug level.
What I was hoping for (and may still try writing myself) is an
add on for WinVnc server that will allow incoming connections to be
logged to a file in a nice parseable format (comma delimited?)
without all the extra debugging info "blended" in there.

Here's an example of the "mess" that one of our servers logs:
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncClient.cpp : authentication failed
Wed Aug 30 10:54:37 2000
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncSockConnect.cpp : accepted connection from
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncClient.cpp : client connected : (1)
Wed Aug 30 10:54:40 2000
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncService.cpp : SelectHDESK to Screen-saver (b0) from
38D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncService.cpp : SelectHDESK failed to close old desktop
38 (Err=170)
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncDesktop.cpp : initialised palette OK
D:\ORL\vss\winvnc\vncEncoder.cpp : only 8, 16 or 32 bits supported remotely
- 0 requested

The problem is extracting the connection info from this log file.
At best, my log file parser took 3 passes to figure out connections.
I guess I'm off to get the source code and dust off my old C books. :)


>	Re: Logging VNC connections
>Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 09:54:10 +0100
>From: "James ''Wez'' Weatherall" <jnw22 "at" cam.ac.uk>
>Subject: Re: Logging VNC connections
>> But... it seems VNC is kind of flaky in what it writes to the log.
>> Some machines aren't as faithful as logging connects/disconnects.
>What do you mean by that?  If you use DebugLevel=1, you will get
>_all_incoming connections logged.
>James "Wez" Weatherall
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