Wine 'emulator' and VNC

Jonathan Morton j.d.morton "at"
Thu, 31 Aug 2000 12:04:47 +0000

> >You're running Windows applications under Wine, in an
> >Xvnc session, and
> >viewing them from a WinNT box?
> Not quite. That might be a little silly, although there are probably good
> reasons for it to be done! I am not trying to run native windows
> applications under Wine, but applications which have been ported over to
> Linux using the Wine library. eg Photopaint for Linux is a free download
> from Corel which seems to be identical to the Windows version.

Sounds like much the same to me, but I've never used WINE so I have no idea
what "funny" things it tries to do.  Remmeber, WINE is basically a
re-implementation of the Win32 API which translates the Win32 calls into
Linux versions.

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