Errors Compiling On Solaris 7

Jonathan Morton j.d.morton "at"
Thu, 31 Aug 2000 12:04:25 +0000

> $ make World
> make Makefiles
> making Makefiles in libvncauth...
> making Makefiles in vncviewer...
> making Makefiles in vncpasswd...


> gcc -O2   -I. -I../include  -I/usr/openwin/include  -Dsun -Dsparc -DSVR4
> -DSYSV      -c  vncauth.c
> sh: gcc: not found
> *** Error code 1


Looks like you're missing GCC.  I strongly reccommend to
find a copy - it has searchable indexes to almost all the
freely-available UNIX (especially Linux) applications around.

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