Win 2000, Zone Alarm, Random Reboots and other goodies

Wallendahl, Michael/SEA mwallend "at"
Wed, 30 Aug 2000 23:52:20 +0000


I currently run Win2K, ZoneAlarm, and VNC on my home system without any

My first suggestion would be to skip the Java client and try the standalone
client on your Win98 system.  That cuts out one piece of the puzzle.  Also
make sure ZoneAlarm is set up to allow WinVNC to act as a server.  

I don't think I've ever had my Win2K system reboot due a VNC logon attempt.
It seems pretty darn stable.

Feel free to contact me off-list to compare setups if you so desire.


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I am running W2K, WinVnc (latest ver) as a service at startup, and Zone
Alarm.  When I attempt to remotely login to VNC via Java (from a Win98
machine), I get the login screen.  I enter the password and hit return with
no apparant changes taking place.  If I go into the services menu under
control panel and manually Stop and restart the VNC server, then run service
helper, VNC runs fine.  It is my contention that WinVnC is starting before
ZA and creating the problem outlined above.  The problem arises that my
Win2K machine sometimes reboots due to me attempting to log into my VNC.  I
have decided that by looking into the eventlog where the reboot is
timestamped.  Anyway, the main question that I would pose is how should I
start up WinVNC after a reboot AFTER ZA to get me past the problem of having
to stop/restart the service?  If it ran as it should then I should simply be
able to login if a reboot did occur.

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