X-session with 'cc' option

Shoryef-Al, Mohammad Soliman mshoryef "at" ibnzahr.sabic.com
Wed, 30 Aug 2000 14:26:05 +0000

Hello there
Im trying to run an X-session from my Windows 2000 client. I want to
specify the display# like this:
          vncserver :5000
When I try to run the VNCviewer for Windows, I get this error message:
          Failed to connect to server
I tried using the cc option like this
          vncserver cc 3
and it worked fine.
When I tried starting the vncserver with specific display# and using the
cc option as well, like this:
          vncserver :5000 cc 3
the above error message came again.
Anybody can help, please?
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