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Wed, 30 Aug 2000 12:04:28 +0000

Hello VNC people!
(This mail goes to the authors and the mailing list)

I read all the available docs (Getting Started, Documenation and FAQ),
checked out the mailing list archives and recognized that many people
have problems with setting up the VNC ports (RFB and HTTP).
Sometimes it is really hard to get VNC working on the ports you want
(port mapping, etc.), and it is really annoying that some combinations
are impossible (Anybody got VNC working with RFB port 21 and HTTP port
80 with ease?)

To get rid of all these misunderstandings and mix-ups I have some

1. Keep the display numbers as an offset for the RFB and HTTP ports,
*BUT* provide two options to set the base ports for RFB (default: 5900)
and HTTP (default: 5800) connections.
This would allow users to customize VNC for every wanted combination,
e.g. put the HTTP port on 80 and the RFB port on 21 (although the safety
margin of 100 ports is not kept, but it still works for up to 59
display, enough isn't it?)

2. In conjunction with point 1 only define a SINGLE port for any HTTP
To access all possible displays let the user enter the wanted display
number plus password in the Java applet, then try to connect.

Hope you agree with my suggestions and are willing to implement them in
an upcoming version.
I know C back from the Amiga times, but wouldn't call me a Windows C
coder, hence I assume it should be a really simple task for experienced

Regards and greetings from Germany
Matthias "Maddes" Buecher

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