VNC and CDE avtive session...

Jens Wagner jwagner "at"
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 23:19:22 +0000

Todd Brown schrieb:

> I have done some digging in the Archive of mailings, and came across one
> from 1998.  Have there been any advances in getting Xvnc and CDE to
> interact like the Windows version interacts with the active users
> desktop?
> We do not want to use this for Xwindowing as much as a remote admin
> tool...
> Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!
> Todd B...

I've written a vnc compatible server that exports a running X session, 
It's called x0rfbserver and included in the heXoNet rfb package. It's
under development, only raw encoding is working yet. If you're
in this software you can subscribe to the news list.
Look on the page for xrfbviewer, download section.

- jens
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