Logging VNC connections

Raymond Joyal rjoyal "at" cgc.ca
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 21:50:07 +0000

I was hoping someone has done this already so I don't have to...

We run VNC on our NT Servers (works great I might add.)
We'd like to log connections.

I turned on some of the debugging features, and it shows incoming
connections based on IP.  This is great, and I wrote a VBscript
to parse the logfile (%systemroot%\winvnc.log) and mail it to me once
a day.

But... it seems VNC is kind of flaky in what it writes to the log.
Some machines aren't as faithful as logging connects/disconnects.

Before I attempt to decipher the source and recompile (I'm a Sysadmin
first, programmer about 12th or so...) has anyone made any kind of
logging feature for vnc?

I'd like the output to look like:

Date - Time - IP - Connection Status (accepted, declined)
2000-08-29,16:00,,authenticated ok!

Basically drop all the info about creating desktops, etc.
Something easily parsed and emailed.

If no one has done it yet, I guess I will try my hardest not to 
mutilate it too badly. :)

Ray Joyal, MCSE 
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