Windows 2000 Server

Dan Fulbright vnc-list "at"
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 21:24:05 +0000

> I'm running VNC for Windows trying to remotely administer a Windows2000
> Server box. I cannot login to the machine. Ctrl-Alt-Del does not work, nor
> does any other key combinations that I've tried. Any ideas? Thanks for your
> help!
> P.S. Yes, I DID check the FAQ first, but there's not much there on Windows
> 2000 Server.

It's in there!  Remember, Windows 2000 is just Windows NT 5.0, so the
instructions for NT also apply to Windows 2000.  In a nutshell, make sure
WinVNC is running as a service, and use the "Send Ctrl-Alt-Del" from the
viewer's system menu.

Dan Fulbright
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