server disconnect means what?

jeff jeff "at"
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 17:25:14 +0000

Check to make sure that vnc is running on a specific port one winnt.  By
default it is set to first available wich is 0 not 1 like linux.

I just setup this same scenerio last week.

Here is how I set it up:

lcli -> fw -> ... -> mfw -> w2k

    lcli is a linux machine using 'ssh -lroot -L40000:w2k:5901'
        also run 'vncviewer -encodings "copyrect hextile" localhost:40000'

        This also works with win2k as a client using terraterm and ttssh.

    fw is a linux firewall/gateway that is very restrictive

    mfw is a linux masquerading firewall with sshd running on it

    w2k is a windows 2000 machine with vnc running on port 5901
        (note: w2k is lookedup by mfw not fw, so it uses the

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> I've got vnc working in various places and am finally trying to use ssh. I
> think the ssh redirection is working. At least I don't get any errors when
> set it up. But when I launch ./vncclient localhost:2 to attach I get a
> message that says "disconnected by server" before it asks for a password.
> have no idea how to debug this because I don't know what the mesage means.
> I can access the server from within its own network (not using ssh.)
> I can use the same client to access other servers within its own network.
> I can use ssh to connect directly (i.e. a shell connection) so I don't
> it is an ssh client/server compatibility problem.
> I just can't get this client (linux) to access this server (WinNT) throgh
> firewall via ssh.
> As a test I tried to connect to a non existant server to make sure the
> messages were different. Sure enough it said "can't connect to server"
> instead of "disconnected by server."
> So why would the server disconnect before asking for a password even
> it accepts connections directly? Or why would the client think it had.
> Hmm... Maybe I should take vnc out of the loop and redirect the telnet
> or something instead, to give me an independent test of port redirection
> ssh.
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