Help: server disconnect means what?

Morris, Steve smorris "at"
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 15:23:41 +0000

I've got vnc working in various places and am finally trying to use ssh. I
think the ssh redirection is working. At least I don't get any errors when I
set it up. But when I launch ./vncclient localhost:2 to attach I get a
message that says "disconnected by server" before it asks for a password. I
have no idea how to debug this because I don't know what the mesage means.

I can access the server from within its own network (not using ssh.)

I can use the same client to access other servers within its own network.

I can use ssh to connect directly (i.e. a shell connection) so I don't think
it is an ssh client/server compatibility problem.

I just can't get this client (linux) to access this server (WinNT) throgh a
firewall via ssh. 

As a test I tried to connect to a non existant server to make sure the
messages were different. Sure enough it said "can't connect to server"
instead of "disconnected by server."

So why would the server disconnect before asking for a password even though
it accepts connections directly? Or why would the client think it had.

Hmm... Maybe I should take vnc out of the loop and redirect the telnet port
or something instead, to give me an independent test of port redirection via
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