Dial-in W98 PPP problems

Frank Evan Perdicaro frank "at" dsea.com
Mon, 28 Aug 2000 23:07:43 +0000

	Request for details for dial-in to W98 Server

Having read the FAQ twice, the contribs pages, the Windows Server docs
and several months worth of mailing list volume I am still stumped.
How do I determine and set the dial-in server PPP ID and password on
the Windows side(server)?

VNC is great.  I have been using it around the office for a while.  We
used it to communicate with vendors and for some telecommuting.  I have
installed it on NT, Mac and Solaris machines and had zero problems.
Perhas I am pushing the envelope, but W98 via PPP seems to have odd

Details of connection.
	Sun SPARC 20 running Solaris 2.7.  
	PPP service asppp configured to dial out using fixed IP
	User has CDE menu that runs script that launches VNC Client
	[All the Sun PPP stuff works.]
	Dial out is through a Telebit Trailblazer; local loop is to an
	Ascend Pipeline 85 (ISDN router providing voice and data).  11
	digit voice call to a computer 10 miles away.

	HP Pavillion w/ 600 Mhz PIII, 18Gb and 128 Mb W98.  VNC Server
	installed fine and launches fine on login. Three users
	configured, "Administrator", "bradd" and "cindy".  Log in as
	"cindy".  Incoming calls are answered; modems negotiate a
	connection.  PPP startup commences.

	IP connection never is established.  The reason?  PPP requires
	a user ID and password.  This is EASY to set on the Sun -- just
	edit the /etc/asppp.cf file.  How on earth is this done on
	W98?   Clearly not the same as user login.

	Under Control Panel/Network if I set "User" security, W98 asks
	for a machine "with a list of users".  I specify the current
	machine.   Under Dial-in Server I select "Add User" and the
	message "Windows cannot find the list of users".  I suspect
	that since there are zero users, there are zero passwords and
	there never will be a PPP connection.

	Where is this user list?  Can anybody tell me?   And when I
	find this list, how do I add the password to be used for PPP
	negotiation?  Do I have to use the miserable Windows GUI, or
	are there some files I can edit?  Please add all the details
	you can because I do not understand all of the W98 user ID

The idea is for user "cindy" on the Sun to appear as user "cindy" on
the remote W98 machine.  We are very close, but W98 is not
cooperating.  If there is an archive I missed, please point me to it.

Tracking down the problem requires me to make a 20 mile round trip on
the world's busiest section of road (405 in Orange County, CA) every
time I have to changes something on the W98 side.  Thus I am very
interested in getting all the documentation I can before I fiddle a bit


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