Release of new ``tight'' encoding available.

Kumaran Narayanan kums "at"
Sat, 26 Aug 2000 21:32:59 +0000

    Sorry for asking, but I am tired of compiling the code on SunOS..

    Does anyone have Xvnc binary for SunOS 5.6 ( Generic_105181-10 sun4u sparc 
    SUNW,Ultra-2) and vncviewer binary for WinNT 4.0?

    (with the following compression code)

    I would really appreciate your kind help in this regard.


> Hello,
> I'm glad to announce that I've finished main part of my VNC
> compression project. All the source code and some comparison results
> are available from the project homepage:
> Unix code is currently based on the AT&T's vnc-3.3.3p1 Unix source
> distribution, Windows part is based on the TridiaVNC Windows source.
> Primary development platform was Linux, so the Unix code is much
> better tested compared to Windows part.
> New ``tight'' encoding usually achieves compression ratios 5..30%
> higher compared to pure zlib compression (as implemented in the
> TridiaVNC distributions) and it seems to be a little faster than zlib
> at both server and client sides in most cases. I plan to continue the
> work on this encoding and I believe I'm able to improve both
> compression ratios and encoder/decoder speed much further (while new
> releases will remain compatible with current version).
> The Unix patch also adds new -tunnel option to vncviewer for automatic
> SSH tunneling. Tunneling command can be provided in VNC_TUNNEL_CMD
> environment variable, or compiled-in default command (invoking SSH
> port forwarding) will be used. Note that tunneling command MUST
> contain %H, %R and %L patterns which will be substituted with remote
> hostname, remote port and local port accordingly. Default command is
> "/usr/bin/ssh -f -L %L:%H:%R %H sleep 20".
> It is the first time this code goes public, so please consider it to
> be BETA quality. I'll be glad to hear your questions, opinions and
> suggestions.
> -- 
> With Best Wishes,
> Constantin
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