VNC-service won't start on NT reboot

James ''Wez'' Weatherall jnw22 "at"
Fri, 25 Aug 2000 11:40:50 +0000

> I just remote
> -booted my NT-server using VNC. The reboot worked fine, just the
> VNC-service
> cannot be restarted.
> Could this have
> to do with the fact that this server currently has no keyboard ? Can I
> restart
> the service w/o another reboot?

Have you used the -install flag to install WinVNC as a service?  Have you
set a default password for the machine?  Have you changed any of the
settings for the WinVNC service?

Finally, when you say "the service cannot be restarted", what do you mean?
That you can't connect to it remotely?  Or that it doesn't appear in the
task list, or something else?


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