Password Issue

Cybertime Tech Support tech "at"
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 23:10:45 +0000

Galen Johnson's "Apply" advice is good.  One other thing I have noticed that
does this is if you put in the registry keys to lock password changes before
restarting, but after putting things in as a service.

Let me try and make that more clear.  When you install and run VNC, it asks
for a password.  However, it seems to save a different password if VNC is
loaded as a service.  I ran into that with v3.3.3r2 or r3 Win32.  I don't
know if it is still doing that in r7.

What I do now is install VNC, run the service installer, restart, put in and
apply the password, use the utility to put in the default registry keys,
restart and make sure it is coming up fine, then put in my own registry keys
for locking the password, and restricting access to VNC by IP number to make
it more secure.

> Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 12:40:55 -0700
> From: "Stuart McGie" <Stuart.McGie "at">
> Subject: Password Issue
> I just came across an issue I can't find info on.  I've just finished
> installing VNC 3.3.3r2 on our company Win98 machines, I've also installed
> VNC as a service.  No issues except one, after typing the password and
> rebooting the machine again, it will say the machine has no password when
> the service starts; I reenter the password and reboot.  The system would
> appear that it can't remember the password?
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