killing vncserver on linux box

robert_wilhelm_land robert_wilhelm_land "at"
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 15:26:59 +0000

vncWinclient and vncLinuxserver work quite nicely, there's
only one main problem and maybe one other problem related to
the first one.

I cannot kill a vncserver session on the linuxbox.
The html help recommends to use:
vncserver -kill :<session>

Instead a new session is created with a instance number one
greater than the current instance. I first thought that any
option after "vncserver" would be ignored, but
"vncserver -help"
"vncserver :6"
are well recognized and executed as they should. ( within
the vncWinviewer aswell as in a xTerm on the X11 desktop on
the Linuxbox)

Would someone kindly help?

I'm using (viewerW32) and vnc-3.3.1-2 (server linux

Searching the maillist database didn't help. There is a
message with a simular problem - the person was instructed
to delete his /vnc/X.log and a .pid file (didn't find this
one on my system) but this cannot be the solution since
every new server instance writes into the same .X.log which
is helpful in case of difficulties. No idea why to delete
this file first and then to kill a server instance.

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