Release of new ``tight'' encoding available.

Const Kaplinsky const "at"
Wed, 23 Aug 2000 18:29:28 +0000


I'm glad to announce that I've finished main part of my VNC
compression project. All the source code and some comparison results
are available from the project homepage:

Unix code is currently based on the AT&T's vnc-3.3.3p1 Unix source
distribution, Windows part is based on the TridiaVNC Windows source.
Primary development platform was Linux, so the Unix code is much
better tested compared to Windows part.

New ``tight'' encoding usually achieves compression ratios 5..30%
higher compared to pure zlib compression (as implemented in the
TridiaVNC distributions) and it seems to be a little faster than zlib
at both server and client sides in most cases. I plan to continue the
work on this encoding and I believe I'm able to improve both
compression ratios and encoder/decoder speed much further (while new
releases will remain compatible with current version).

The Unix patch also adds new -tunnel option to vncviewer for automatic
SSH tunneling. Tunneling command can be provided in VNC_TUNNEL_CMD
environment variable, or compiled-in default command (invoking SSH
port forwarding) will be used. Note that tunneling command MUST
contain %H, %R and %L patterns which will be substituted with remote
hostname, remote port and local port accordingly. Default command is
"/usr/bin/ssh -f -L %L:%H:%R %H sleep 20".

It is the first time this code goes public, so please consider it to
be BETA quality. I'll be glad to hear your questions, opinions and

With Best Wishes,
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