ynishimura@home.nimc.go.jp ynishimura "at" home.nimc.go.jp
Wed, 23 Aug 2000 02:25:43 +0000

00/08/23 08:34, ynishimura "at" home.nimc.go.jp wrote:
> I'm using freebsd application for proxy with VNC.
> Try 1FD-NAT or 1FD-DDNS.
> 1FD-NAT and 1FD-DDNS are self-bootable NAT-router Software work with Disk
> less PC
> with Intel NIC.
> 1FD-DDNS is the upper version of 1FDNAT.
> 1FDDDNS has Dynamic DNS(Bind8.2.2 and DHCPv3pl17) inside.
> You can use DHCP and the hostname and IP address will be resistered to DN
> S,
> automatically.

1FD-NAT and 1FD-DDNS are available at http://www.ryuchi.org/~ilovefd.
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