AW: Firewall question

Kapusta Gerhard gerhard.kapusta "at"
Tue, 22 Aug 2000 16:40:15 +0000

Hi Harmen!

Are you sure, that the "vncviewer.jar" on your homepage is a valid
jar-archive? For which version of JDK or JRE is it buildt?

I have now tried to install the JDK and I found out the following:

- JDK contains "", JRE does not. On your page you write, it is
possible to run "vncviewer.jar" with JDK or JRE - I assume this is not
correct, because JRE contains no "".

- I tried to look inside "vncviewer.jar with the jar-utility (option t or
x). I got errors because of an illegal file format.

- I tried to open "vncviewer.jar" with WinZip. I can see the content, but it
was only possible to extract the file "MANIFEST.MF". All other files are not
extractable, they produce errors.

- I have downloaded "vncviewer.jar" more than once and compared it - to
eliminate download errors.

- I have downloaded the original "vncviewer.jar". It runs without problems
(but of coure with the known limitations!).

Is there anybody, who has successful run Harmen's "vncviewer.jar" on Windows


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