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Tue, 22 Aug 2000 15:19:32 +0000

I sent an Email (with video)an hour ago and noticed that it returned several mail failures.  I am resending this one in its stead.

I started out to work shortly after 6 AM.  After an hour and fifteen minutes, I had not yet made it into north Alpharetta.  It took as long to return.  My rule of thumb is now, not at work by 6AM, I might as well stay home and work.  This will be in effect until school is out.  See you all early tomorrow morning.

I am investigating one more area in interfaces that would account for the
occurrences of illogical bugs.  That is class an object scope.  While I was
debugging some code last night I kept finding myself jumping from one class
to another of the same name but on a different inheritance plain.  If you
don't understand this, ask Chris.

The principal of scope was introduced with OOP when the architects realized
1. it is the only way same named (polymorphism) classes and objects could
2. that too debug code without scope protection would be nearly impossible
for we will never make a compiler that knows what a programmer wants it to
do - only one that does what it is told to do.

Larry Killen, MS
Software Engineer
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"proficiency paves the way to pride"
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