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Arnt Witteveen Arnt.Witteveen "at"
Mon, 21 Aug 2000 11:33:54 +0000

> Arnt, what setting is that for the timeout?

I was afraid you were going to ask ;-)

Luckily I just remembered I had it in a file somewhere... 

I also included 'autoreboot on crash' for people that are maybe not aware of
that. Great for remote servers you can't get to, but you don't get to see
the actual bluescreen even if you sit next to the server (unless you're a
really fast reader ;-) so it might not help in finding the root of the


Auto kill process on shutdown

Automatically Shutdown Not Responding Applications (Windows NT) 

Often when Windows NT shuts down, a task will return as 'Not Responding' and
you are given the choice to 'End Task'
Enabling this function automatically ends the task. 

1. Open the registry and find the key below. 

2. Modify the value of 'AutoEndTasks' to equal '1' for enabled. 

3. The default time-out before ending the task is defined by the value of
'WaitToKillAppTimeout' located in the same key,
this value is in milliseconds (default=20000 (i.e. 20 seconds)). 
You can therefore additonally change this value to speed the process up. 
Note: This change will affect all users but value can also be changed on a
user basis by modifying
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop] and the same registry key. 
Registry Settings: 
Key: [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop] 
Value Name: AutoEndTasks 
Data Type: REG_SZ 
Data: (0 = disabled, 1 = enabled) 


Auto reboot on crash
You can have your Windows NT server automatically reboot should it 
crash. To do so in NT 4.0, launch the Control Panel applet and choose 
the Startup/Shutdown tab. For NT 5.0, access the Startup and Recovery 
button under the Advanced tab in the System Control Panel applet. 
Check the Automatically Reboot option. You can also set automatic 
reboot in the Registry by changing the value of the following key to 

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