dial-up activates on start of vncviwer <sic>

Frank J. Andersen frank.j.a "at" iname.com
Sat, 19 Aug 2000 11:17:07 +0000

Sorry to bother You.... This option was not that easy to recognize, as I'm
using danish win98 - but I found it, and it works...

But then it is not a very good way to correct the problem as I have several
other programs which must be alloved to initate dial-up on their own... When
this is  (as I understand now) a problem with both viewer and server, it is
most likely due to a 'feature' in the OS :-(

If it is possible to put some control on this into nvc, then take this as a
suggestion for improvement! Besides this, it works fine..

> From: "Felts, Roger" <Roger_Felts "at" NAI.com>
> Subject: RE: dial-up activates on start of vncviwer <sic>
> You have Win9x set to automatically dial on internet access.  Since VNC
> bumps the ISDN, it starts dialing.  The Internet Options / Connect tab will
> allow you to disable this.
> - -----Original Message-----
> From:  Frank J.Andersen
> Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2000 1:31 PM
> I've installed vncviewer (v. 3.3.7) on my Win98, and vnc server on a win95.
> I'm running a lan using TCP/IP (for internet access sharing) and NetBEUI
> (local LAN services). The Win98 is the one with ISDN dial up connection to
> ISP.
> When I start the viewer on the Win98 machine it triggers a dial up to the
> ISP... It seems as if I can cancel the dial up without effect.
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